The Picture Perfect Honeymoon

Another picture perfect day here in Kefalonia. The sun is shining, the yacht is ready…now all we need are our guests.

Today it’s a private hire for a young honeymoon couple so we’ve prepared a special lunch and have a bottle of champagne on ice.

Danny spots the guests as they arrive at the marina and steps off to greet them. They are really excited about having the yacht completely to themselves and begin to explore it as soon as they are on board. They love the 4 bedrooms and are already discussing an overnight or week experience on board. Over drinks we get to know today’s guests and they tell us how they met etc. The questions inevitably turn to how we ended up in Kefalonia as they always do – we answer all their questions.

As we head towards Dias island Danny spots a pod of dolphins and excitedly shouts out. Our guests and myself get our cameras ready while Danny heads the yacht towards where he saw them. Not to disappoint their audience, one offers a magnificent display of jumps and moves playing on the bow of the yacht.

It’s not long before the 3 other dolphins follow suit. We spend the next 30 minutes following the pod of dolphins while we all look on in delight. No matter how many times I see these spectacular creatures, I never tire of watching them and every time is just as magical as the first.

By now, we are totally off course but who cares. It’s not every day you see a pod of playful dolphins putting on a show just for you. We watch until the dolphins leave us and watch as they swim out of our sight. It’s sad that they are going but exhilarating that we witnessed these graceful creatures. It’s all we talk about as we head towards Dias island. As we approach the island, the guests are once again enamoured by the Mama Mia look of the carved steps leading up to the quaint little chapel nestled at the top.

Our honeymoon couple spare no time swimming over to the island to take in the breathtaking views from the top. Danny and I take this chance to plunge into the crystal clear water to cool off before I head back to the yacht to prepare a refreshing fruit platter for when our guests return. Eventually our honeymoon couple return to the yacht and dig straight into the appetising fruit platter still talking about the dolphins and how amazing it was. As we get to paradise bay we notice that the secluded bay is inhabited by goats. This in itself is a sight to see but what is even more amazing is that you can only access this bay by boat. Once again the cameras come out as the couple snap away at both the bay and the goats that are currently inhabiting it.

As Danny skilfully manoeuvres the yacht as close as he can, the goats suddenly scatter up the shear rock face and disappear. The mystery of how they got there has now been solved.

The couple choose to spend their time alone on the beach so Danny takes beach mats, a parasol and towels over to the beach and then heads back so we can discreetly leave them alone. It’s decided that we will lunch here as the couple love the fact that they are totally secluded in a stunning location with Danny and I at their disposal. The couple love the lunch I prepared and state that so far it’s been a perfect day. As we set the sails up to sail home, our honeymoon couple lay on the front of the yacht and are lulled into a sweet slumber.

After about an hour we discuss If we should wake them up for a deep water swim but decide against it as they seem to be enjoying things just as they are.

It’s only when we enter the marina do they wake up and I serve them a refreshing drink and gather their belongings that are scattered all around the yacht. Again they tell us what an amazing day they’ve had and would love to do a weekly trip to experience more Greek Islands.

I’d like to think Danny and I can take all the credit for today’s success but I suspect it was really the spectacular show the dolphins put on for us.

After bidding our couple goodbye, Danny and I say how amazing it would be if the dolphins made an appearance everyday. Wonder what we could do to encourage that. Answers on a postcard please.

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