A Dream Sunset Cruise

After a busy day with our day guests we are now booked for a sunset cruise.

This is a totally different experience to what the days sailing offers. We get much more sailing in as the wind generally gets up in the evenings.

After cleaning the yacht, Danny and I take time to sit and enjoy the peace and reflect on the day. We laugh about some of the stories the guests have told us as well as a new game I’m dying to try out. Danny spots our guests so goes to greet them while I do one last check of the yacht.

Everyone is in high spirits as they board the yacht. We introduce ourselves, Danny does his safety talk and then we are off.

As the sun is still high in the sky, our guests take advantage of sunbathing on the front of the yacht lapping up the last of the days rays. We have 4 guests on board and they seem quite content just relaxing and taking in their surroundings. The sails are up, the water is gently lapping the sides of the yacht and we are in our own little piece of paradise. I offer beer or wine with a selection of snacks which our guests dip into.

Our Evening sunset cruise takes us in the opposite direction of our day trip to get the full effect of the stunning sunsets we experience here in Kefalonia.

After sailing for about 2 hours we approach the private bay that we dock at. When Danny gives the word, I lower the anchor while our guests look on. We are close enough to the bay for everyone to swim to the beach. Again Danny shows off his swing rope skills ready for the guests to take their turn. All four guests are up for it. First attempts are filled with lots of laughing and jibes. I challenge the guys to the best water entry salute while I film in slow mo – and now it has turned into a challenge….

The ladies are attempting the paddle board as the water is perfectly calm so the perfect conditions for a beginner. The water is the most amazing colour and still so warm.

The sun is starting to disappear over the horizon bringing with it the most magnificent display of reds, yellows and orange.

It really is a spectacular sight. As soon as the sun has set it’s pitch black with the gentle sound of the waves.

All you can see are the stars twinkling in the sky and the flickering lights of the villages nestled above in the hill tops. As the guests make their way back to the yacht and shower off the back of the yacht, I prepare a refreshing fruit platter and drinks all round.

As we set off home the guests are looking at their sunset photos, recapping the evenings events and comparing their rope swing videos. As we head back to the marina I try the new game our day guests had taught us. It was a huge hit. We play a few more simple games and before we know it we are almost back at the marina. The guests watch in awe as Danny backs the yacht in between two boats – a very small gap indeed. Once again, as the evening guests depart they tell us what an amazing evening they’ve had and just how perfect it all was. We agree.

It was a long exhausting day but so worth the positive response we get from our guests. We are making memories. Time to go home and start all over again tomorrow but who’s complaining? Not us.

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