A Day In The Life of Iraklis Sailing

So we’re up and ready eagerly awaiting our first guests of the day aboard Kalliopi our 43ft sun odyssey twin helm sailing yacht. We’ve prepped the food, drinks are on ice, cushions are plumped, snorkels cleaned and the sun is shining. Danny spots our first guests arriving at the marina and goes to meet them. I think this is his favourite part as he gets to hold the ladies hands as they walk the gang plank to board the yacht.

After a brief safety talk we leave the marina and start to get to know our guests. Over tea or coffee we chat about what we all do but mostly talk turns to how Danny and I ended up on the beautiful island of a Kefalonia. Danny never tires of telling anyone who will listen about how he persuaded me to move here and after the initial move, how I planned to persuade him to move back. But here we are – sailing along the turquoise waters in the glorious sunshine telling the guests that yes we are lucky and no we never tire of our work.

Danny skilfully points out areas of interest as we pass several stunning beaches (I couldn’t pin point our house even if it had Lisa’s house is here printed on it) Before we know it, we’ve arrived at Zeus’s island otherwise known as Dias island, a stunning rock formation only accessible by boat. After we’ve dropped the anchor the guests put on flippers and snorkels and swim over to the rock steps carved into the island.

There are about 136 steps up to the top of the island where the small chapel rests among the trees overlooking the Ionian Sea.

I will not be put to sham by the older members of our group so I also climb to the top to admire the stunning views. They take my breath away each and every time I climb those stairs. I love listening to the guests admiring the views and I think how lucky I am that this is my life.

After our guests have had time to explore the island and snorkel amongst the rock formations, we head towards to paradise bay.

The guests are either happily sampling the apricots from our trees or apple and cinnamon with honey while catching the rays at the front of the yacht. Several are sitting on the sides their legs dangling in the luke warm water.

I love watching the guests faces as we approach the bay. The stunning colours that cascade over the rocks down to the secluded bay that we are now approaching. The deep water so clear you can see the sandy bottom and the schools of fish swimming by. Once anchored, Danny likes to show off his graceful skills on our rope swing. This entails standing on the front of the yacht and swinging in a semi circle and landing gracefully in the water while I stand onboard secretly judging his performance. The younger guests are eager to try the rope swing and ask me for tips which I easily give despite never being brave enough to try the rope swing myself. This looks great videoed in slow mo.

On the beach some of the guests are indulging in the natural clay mud baths that supposedly rejuvenate you (maybe that’s why I look so young). You’d pay a small fortune for this treatment on a spa day in the UK yet here we are on our very own private beach indulging ourselves for free. After a couple of hours swimming, snorkelling and relaxing, we head off to our next bay for lunch. Lunch consists of a whole chicken, potato salad (my secret recipe) fresh bread, tatziki and fresh Greek salad. I look around as the women sit on the yacht sipping on their wine and the gentlemen drink their beer and think of how decadent this all looks to those laying in the beach. Danny and I slip away so our guests feel like they are in their own little bit of paradise.

After a leisurely lunch it’s time to set the sails up and do a bit of real sailing. Up until now our guests are telling me that this is by far the best part of their holiday. Well they are in for a treat. They watch in awe as the sails go up, cameras come out and the endless photos start.
As the wind catches our sails, we are off. I ask each guest in turn how fast they think we are going. It ranges from 15-40 mph. Now I’m no expert but experience has taught me we are actually only going 7 mph so I win the bet…… always.

The guests are either sitting at the front of the yacht or dangling their feet over the sides with the warm water splashing up their legs. It’s the most relaxing part of the day. All you can hear is the water propelling us along and the waves gently lapping up the sides of the yacht. Danny is on the lookout for dolphins or turtles that we generally see about 3 times a week. One of our guests is learning to steer the yacht and learning how to change direction. Several of our guests get involved with pulling the ropes and changing the sails. Again we are lulled into gentle sailing and as I look around 4 of today’s guests are fast asleep. We ask if anyone wants to stop for a deep water swim but that offer is declined as everyone is too comfortable to move. Before we know it, we are back in port and all the guests are exclaiming that without a doubt this has been the best day of their entire holiday. It’s something Danny and I hear but never tire of on a daily basis.

We bid our farewells as we tidy up the yacht ready for a repeat performance tomorrow with a new set of guests but just as many magical moments and memories to be made. Roll on tomorrow…

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